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Ankapur Gets Famous As Corn Centre Of The Country

Ankapur village in Armoor mandal of Nizamabad district is now known nationally for its corn. Corn from this village is sought after across the country due to its taste and cheap er price. The corn produced here is being transported to Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh states. Interestingly, traders from Mumbai, Nagpur, Nanded, Hyderabad and other cities throng Ankapur to purchase maize in huge quantity.

Speaking to this newspaper on Saturday, Karre Basappa, a trader said that brisk business for corn has continued over the last few weeks. Corn grown in Ankapur is being loaded in numerous trucks every morning, he said.

At retail prices, we sell a dozen corn stalks at Rs 50 to Rs 70, Mr Basappa said, adding that the wholesale prices differ. Traders from Nizamabad and neighbouring districts purchase the corn regularly, he added.

Farmers from Armoor. Makloor, Nandipet, Velpur, Jakranpally and other mandals bring the corn to the Ankapur market to be sold in wholesale. In the ensuing kharif season, corn has been cultivated in a large scale in Nizamabad, Armoor and Kamareddy revenue divisions of undivided Nizamabad district.

Sridevi, a government teacher, who purchased around three dozen corn stalks at Ankapur market said that it is good for health and cheap in price. "We prepare various snacks with the corn," she said. Anyone who passes through Nizamabad. Karimnagar and Adilabad routes stops at Ankapur to purchase fresh corn she said.