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Holi Celebrations At Navyabharathi Global School

Holi Celebrations Navyabharathi Global School

Navyabharathi Global School celebrated Holi with all the fervor, and celebrated with organic colours and flowers made by the students in the school campus itself. Keeping in mind the cleanliness of the environment, students of all classes used flower petals along with herbal colours. Teachers narrated the students the importance of Holi, and highlighted the significance of the festival in human bonding and relation building. They also explained the demerits of synthetic colours and merits eco-friendly Holi.

About Holi : Holi is the joyful Festival of Colors. It is celebrated over several days in early spring when the wheat is harvested. The festival marks the coming of spring and observes new life and the seasons. It is an ancient Indian festival that is believed to have existed several centuries before common era and is mentioned in stone inscriptions and in sculptures on the walls of old temples. From the inscriptions we can understand that, the festival was a rite performed by married women for the happiness and well-being of their families… now the meaning of Holi changed.