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500 Crore Worth Turmeric Sold

500 Crore Worth Turmeric Sold

Nizamabad agricultural market committee saw a record 500 crore business transactions during turmeric season. Around 8.06 lakh quintal of turmeric was sold in the market yard since December 2017 to April this year.

Farmers from Nizamabad, Jagtial and Nirmal districts brought turmeric in large quantity for sale in the market yard. During the peak season, around 25,000 quintal turmeric was sold in the market yard Initially, farmers get 7,200 per quintal turmeric but there was a steep fall in prices when the season reached its peak in March and April.

Nizamabad market committee made elaborate arrangements for turmeric sale and purchase. Market committee chairpersons K. Divya Dinesh concentrated on market yard to ensure remunerative price to the farmers especially, turmeric farmers. As a result, progressive farmers from Armoor area brought turmeric to the Nizamabad market yard instead of sending it to Sangli market in Maharashtra.

Sangli is one of the major turmeric markets in India and farmers from north Telangana districts preferred doing business there. Now, the farmers saved on transportation charges. For last two decades, a section of farmers had been selling turmeric at the Sangli market.