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Nizamabad Receives Excess Rainfall

Nizamabad district received 25.2 per cent excess rainfall than normal rainfall so far Of 29 mandals, 21 mandals received excess rainfall and eight mandals received normal rainfall
respectively. Farmers were worried over scanty rainfal in the beginning of kharif season, but they overcome it with sufficient rain fall.

Nizamabad is an agriculture based district and paddy, maize, soyabean, turmeric are major crops. In addition red jowar is being cultivated in large scale.

Sriramsagar project received 55.5 tmc of water, but Nizamsagar project is stl facing shortage of water. In this context, rainfed crops turned crucial for kharif season.

The district is received 1049.0 mm rainfal as against its normal pro-portionate rainfall of
839.0 mmll September 24

Bheemgal mandals tops with 71.9 per cent excess rainfall followed by Kammarpally 59.4 mm and Velpur 49.4 mm. Rivulets, streams are overflowing in several mandals in the district.