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Owners Troubled As No Space To Park Vehicles Safely

The lack of parking places in commercial centres and residential areas is worrying vehicle owners, who don't know where they can safely park their vehicles when at work or out shopping.

Strict implementation of traffic rules has meant that cars parked just anywhere as of old will be penalised, but there was no simultaneous creation of parking zones or parking lots.

In Nizamabad city, the municipal corporation and traffic police have not identified specified parking spaces and unauthorised parking can lead to high penalties.

Gandhi Chowk, Nehru Park, Kumargally, Rashtrapati Road, Jawahar Road, the bus stand, railway sta
tion, Khaleelwadi, Vinayak nagar, Hyderabad road, Qulla road, Subhash nagar, Dubba, and Kantes
hwar are major commercial areas in the city. People visiting banks, shopping complexes and other commercial centres here don't know where to park their two and four wheelers.

There is no public transport system in the city, neither RTC city buses nor local trains, so people have to use personal vehicles. Parking and no parking areas have not yet been identified in the city.

Jayanth Rao, who works for a private concern, said that traffic police fined him for parking at Gandhi Chowk recently. His family wanted to shop at Kumargally and parked the car at Gandhi Chowk.

Though civic officials have not marked parking lots in the city, the traffic police indiscriminately imposed a fine, he said "Where is the justification to impose penalty without allotting parking areas  for people?" Mr Rao justly pointed out.